Performance Training

I’m fascinated in how everyone is unique in their experiences of performing.  Why do some find the psychological side to performing more challenging than others?  How can we all manage this better?


As a musician who experiences, firsthand, the challenges of performing under pressure, I am well positioned to help guide other musicians towards achieving a healthier and more positive experience of performing.


Performance Training draws on techniques used in performance psychology and other methods to find practical, accessible ways to face the pressures that performing music can bring. 

I offer a tailored approach to help individuals better understand their own performance anxiety and create personal strategies to manage it.  All settings, individual or group, involve a theoretical  aspect and practical performing experience.  

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Performance Training focuses on a number of key areas to help guide musicians  when the pressure is on. 

See the drop-down menu below for an outline of some key areas of focus.

Develop a flexible and adaptable approach to performing.  Learning to accept and allow imperfections in a performance can release tension and help to build a healthier, more resilient mindset in the face of pressure situations.

Closely linked with perfectionism and flexibility, performers can learn to be more realistic in their expectations of themselves.  It’s easy to write off a good performance as ‘bad’ if expectations are unrealistic.

Learn preparation strategies to help form a firm foundation and a strong, balanced mindset when approaching auditions. 

Learning visualisation techniques can help in preparing for performances.  Commonplace in elite sport, they are adaptable and equally useful for musicians.

Assessing the situation and eliminating obstacles – the ‘what ifs’ and other elements that may lead to discomfort and uncertainty, can help to prepare for a performance in a clear and focused way.

How do you want to be when you perform?  What is the ideal performance mindset for you?   Learning to get in to ‘character’ before a performance can be crucial for musicians to focus under pressure.

By using visualisation techniques and drawing together other elements of the preparation process, musicians can learn to construct a personal, tailor-made ‘performance space’. This can offer a secure and focused state of mind when approaching a performance situation. 



Performance Training


performance training

Performance Training